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150KW High Frequency Pipe Welding Machine
  • 150KW High Frequency Pipe Welding Machine150KW High Frequency Pipe Welding Machine

150KW High Frequency Pipe Welding Machine

TENYES 150KW High Frequency Pipe Welding Machine adopts Three-phase AC (line voltage 380V, frequency 50HZ) through step-down transformer go into rectifier bridge (SCR three-phase full control rectifier bridge) become pulse direct current, and this DC through filter wave go into inverter bridge (adopts high power transistor MOSFET) become to high frequency current, and this high frequency current supply to loading and can be used to weld pipe. Inverter bridge adopts modules structure and each pair inverter power unit can output above 50KW, different power equipment and use different power units amounts, but basic structure is same. Tank circuit adopts series and parallel structure, no output welding transformer, no high voltage and reduce deliver loss.

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Product Description

150KW High Frequency Pipe Welding Machine export to Ethiopia

150KW High Frequency Pipe Welding Machine export Cambodia

Technical Parameters of 150KW High Frequency Pipe Welding Machine

Rated Output power: 150kW

Welding mode:induction type

Rated DC voltage: 240V

Rated DC current:750A

Rated frequency: 400KHZ

The whole efficiency: η≥85%

Power supply voltage: 3-phase 380V/50Hz (equipment could work at the voltage 380V±5%)

Power distribution capacity: ≥200kVA

Power factor:≥0.85

Power supply cable: each phase of plastic-covered copper cable ≥150mm2, ground wire≥75mm2

Inverter output cabinet

Providing steel tube/pipe welding high frequency power supply, IRFP460 and the fast recovery diode(FRD) DSEI60-06P of American IR corporation and Germany IXYS corporation are used to form electricity converter as the main power device. The single layer power module output power is more than 50KW, 150KW High Frequency Pipe Welding Machine adopting 3 layers power module ( contrast to 150KW ) in parallel to the whole machine. The rated working frequency is 350 KHz. The maximum output power of the entire machine can large than 150 KW. The same power modules have interchangeability.

The control circuit adopts the microcomputer as core and configures other peripheral devices. All the control components are integrated in two boards (one is rectifier and the other one is inverter). On the basis of giving full play the great function of computer software and hardware, the best adjustment of rectifier and inverter, and compared with the original high-frequency vacuum tube equipment, it has the following advantages:

The quality of the welded pipe is good: The comparison shows that the width and the heating of the welded joint are even and there are little welding burrs.

Energy conservation: The tests show that this device saves electric energy for over 30% compared with other vacuum tube devices of same specifications in the same operating conditions.

Water-saving: Due to the low dissipation, it doesn't need too much water, so the water consumption is over 50% less than the electron tube of same specification.

Small volume, light-weight: Due to the fact that the main power devices (MOSFET, capacitance, etc.) are all small, and there are no devices like filament voltage regulator, matched coil, grid tank, welding transformer, etc. In addition, it has low working voltage and high packaging density, and the overall volume of it is over 50% smaller than other tube equipment of the same specifications.

Easy operation: It is instantly available when it is open, and it can stop instantly. There is no need to preheat it in the electron tube and also no need to continue cooling after its stop.

Safe handling: Electron tube belongs to high voltage devices. There is ten thousands of volts high-pressure when it works. However, MOSFET is low voltage device and works in parallel resonance mode (unlike some manufacturer's series resonance), whose highest voltage is only a few hundred volts, and generally can't cause personal injury.

convenient maintenance:clearly failure display.

The above models can be used the rated 150KW, frequency 400KHZ solid state high frequency.

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