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TENYES is a professional China Tube Annealer Suppliers and China Tube Annealer factory. The Tube Annealer is an advanced technology for the production of high-strength steel pipes, through the on-line annealing of welds, the residual stress of welding is eliminated, the structure is improved, and the weld and its heat-affected zone have the same structure, toughness and strength properties as the base metal. The steel pipe induction annealing equipment is to use the induction heating coil as the main component of the continuous welded pipe machinery, and heat the weld that has just been welded and quenched to above its critical temperature, and anneal the steel pipe weld to prevent potential cracks in the weld. The resulting fine-grained structure ensures a strong steel tube that meets all standard specifications.

Tube Annealer is widely used in the manufacture of oil transmission pipes and other high-quality steel pipes. Tube Seam Online Annealer have some advantages, such as microcomputer control, zero voltage starting vibration, constant power regulation, digital display of working state. Our equipment are popular in domestic market, some equipment are exported to Southeast Asia, Western Europe, Middle East countries, African countries, West Asia, South America, Russia and so on.

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Tube Seam Online Annealer

Tube Seam Online Annealer

TENYES company not only produce high frequency equipment and also produce medium frequency equipment, such as Tube Seam Online Annealer, we also one manufacture and supplier in China of this kind of equipment. We have rich experience in producing medium frequency equipment. Recently we export Annealer to south Korea country and before also many other countries.

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You can rest assured to buy Tube Annealer made in China from our factory. Tenyes Electrothermal Equipment is a professional China Tube Annealer manufacturer and supplier, we can provide high quality products. Welcome to buy products from our factory.
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