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160KW Rotary Cookware Bottom Heating Machine
  • 160KW Rotary Cookware Bottom Heating Machine160KW Rotary Cookware Bottom Heating Machine

160KW Rotary Cookware Bottom Heating Machine

TENYES 160KW Rotary Cookware Bottom Heating Machine has advantages such as Muti-induction heads. Normally other manufacturers adopts three induction heads, but our machine adopts four or five induction heads, so can not only reduce the power burden of each induction head, not easy to burn down, but also make the pot bottom temperature more uniform.

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Product Description

The 160KW Rotary Cookware Bottom Heating Machine is a high-tech equipment which developed by our engineers through absorbing the advanced technology of same kind heating machine at home and abroad. Our engineers have rich experience of commissioning and maintenance. This machine mainly used for tableware(stainless steel pan, pot, kettle) heating before multi-layer compound bottom impact bonding.

The rotary cookware bottom heating machine is developed by our company. And the power source part adopts our unique Modulation frequency conversion technology, which studied many years and successfully developed by our engineers. This technology adopts the most advanced high power switch component MOSFET as the inverter. This technology has absorbed all the advantages of the above-mentioned three kinds of technologies, overcome their shortcomings, and is updating products for heating machine,we believe this technology will be widely used in the near further.

This technology adopts the embedded microcomputer as the core, and with other peripheral devices, on the basis of powerful functions of computer hardware and software to achieve the best adjustment of the current changes.

Our Cookware Bottom Heating Equipment advantages compare with vacuum tube, SCR and IGBT power supply:

◆ Uniform heating and high quality: the different frequency output current by our machine, the inducted heating zones and diathermy depth are different by different frequency current, so the temperature difference of different heating plate zones are far smaller than above-mentioned three kinds of power supply, so can get more higher quality cookware bottom.

◆ Electricity-saving and water-saving: energy loss was caused by over-temperature of local areas, but uniform heating greatly reduced the energy loss. Testing shows that our machine can save 30% to 50% power than other three power supplies.

◆ Fast heating speed: You don't have to worry about local areas over-heated melt. The heating is very uniform,so you can increase the power and thus can get fast production.

Our Cookware Bottom Heating Equipment advantages compare with vacuum tube high frequency:

◆ Small volume, light weight: Because the main power component MOSFET are very small, and the volume ratio is 30% smaller than the same specification vacuum tube equipment, it can save more space and easy to install.

◆ Simple and convenient operation: It can open and stop at any time and you can use it immediately after open it. This machine do not need to pee-heating before open, and does not have to cool down after stop, this greatly reducing the waste of time.

◆ Safety: The vacuum tube is a kind of high voltage component, working with tens of thousands of voltages. However, MOSFET is a kind of low voltage component, the highest peak voltage does not exceed 500V and normally will not cause personal injury.

Brief introduction of Heating Machine

The machine adopts a rotary structure, there are 6 workepiece support heads average distributed in the turntable, the turntable each turn 60 degrees angle; pneumatic fast up and down; four or five induction heads heating at the same time, each pot and pan will be uniformly heated four to five times.

Features of rotary machine compare with straight machine:

◆ Each pan or pot will be heated many times by many induction heads, and each induction head can adjust different power position and thus can reach the uniform heating, the temperature difference between center and edge of pot is very small, all pots or pans heating effect basically is the same and guarantee the impact bonding quality.

◆ The operation worker can stay in one place, and do not need to walk back and forth when take and place work-piece. The machine can automatically operation, do not need to press the button every time when place the pot, the operator can work on the chair and greatly reduce the working strength.

◆ Work-piece take and place carry on outside the turntable, and have large turning space and easy to take and place, pot body height have no limited and wide range of application.

◆ Easy to facilitate the transformation of the future, to further save manpower.

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